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Why did the solar vacuum tube explode
2020-04-15 17:31:06


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Reason 1: There is no water in the water tank. When the solar vacuum tube is in the air, the temperature in the tube can reach about 2500C, and it is easy to explode the tube. In winter, the pipes are exposed to the outside. When the weather is very cold, there is no ice in the pipes and water can not be solved. In this way, the problem only needs to be wrapped in a thick sponge in the water tank tube or the solar tube, which can effectively prevent the water from getting empty And the explosion tube.
     2. Reason 2: The temperature difference between day and night is large. During the day, the solar water heater has the most explosive tube. The temperature in the vacuum tube alternates between cold and hot, and there is a large pressure locally, which may cause the phenomenon of tube explosion.
    In short, no matter whether it is an electric heating tube for solar water heaters or other liquid electric heating tubes, it is not allowed to dry dry from the liquid. Otherwise, the internal temperature of the electric heating tube will be too high and the electric heating tube will burn out, resulting in hidden safety hazards.

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