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    Hot sale 58mm * 1800mm solar vacuum tube

    Hot sale 58mm * 1800mm solar vacuum tube
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Technical data:







Three goals

Outer tube diameter

58±0.7 mm

58±0.7 mm

47±0.5 mm

70±0.7 mm

Inner tube diameter

47±0.7 mm

47±0.7 mm

37±0.5 mm

47±0.7 mm

Outer tube thickness

1.6 ± 0.15 mm

1.8±0.15 mm

1.6 ± 0.15 mm

2.0±0.15 mm

Inner tube thickness

1.6 ± 0.15 mm

1.8±0.15 mm

1.6 ± 0.15 mm

1.8±0.15 mm

Tube length

1800±5 mm

2100 ± 5 mm

1500±5 mm

2100 ± 5 mm

Coating material

Copper, aluminum, stainless steel

Absorption rate





Less than 5.2×10-4Pa

Outer tube transmittance


Stagnation temperature (height)


Heat loss coefficient

Less than 0.5 w / (m2 * ° C)

Carrying hail ability

30 mm steel ball, 450 mm high

Pressure resistance


20GP / 40GP / 40HQ load

Seven thousand three thousand four hundred eighty

2,480, 4,460

Four thousand seven hundred and fifty thousand five hundred and fifty

Three thousand eight hundred and sixty thousand one thousand eight hundred


Hot sale 58mm * 1800mm solar vacuum tube in 2018


1. The vacuum of the middle layer is 5.2x10-4, which effectively reduces the heat loss, guarantees the heat loss rate of 0.04-0.06, and guarantees the service life of 15 years.

2. The transmission performance is good (the transmission rate is increased by 5%) and it has self-cleaning function.

3. Using metal copper as the bottom metal layer, the absorption is strong, the heat loss is low, the heat loss rate is 50% lower than the ordinary vacuum tube, ULT≤0.5W/(m2·°C)

4. Fully automatic vacuum tube production line, advanced and strict testing process to ensure the overall quality is stable.

5. Stainless steel aluminum nitride in the absorption layer has high thermal stability, even if the glass melts, the coating will not fall off; stainless steel ions are used instead of aluminum, so that it has good high temperature resistance, aging, weakening and stagnation performance.

6. The proprietary technology developed by itself breaks the limits of graded coatings from -400 to 400.


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