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    The Difference of Raw Material Glass Tube

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Raw material glass tubeprinciple energy and environment partial solar water heater is a major industry in the application of solar energy achievements. It provides people with new water heater products of environmental protection, safety, energy saving and sanitation. Solar water heater absorbs solar radiation heat energy, heating cold water to provide energy-saving equipment for people in life and production. The system consists of a collector: a collector element in the system. Its function is equivalent to the electric heat pipe in the electric water heater. Unlike electric water heaters and gas water heaters, solar collectors use the radiant heat of the sun, so heating time can only be in the daytime when the sun shines. Insulating water tank: Like the insulating water tank of electric water heater, it is a container for storing hot water. Because solar water heaters can only work in the daytime, and people usually use hot water at night, so the hot water produced by the collector in the daytime must be stored through an insulating water tank. Volume is the total amount of hot water used every night. With Tongle enamel inner liner pressure insulation water tank, the insulation effect is good, corrosion resistance, water quality is clean, service life can be up to 20 years. Connecting Pipeline: The hot water is transported from the collector to the insulating water tank, and the cold water is transported from the insulating water tank to the channel of the collector, which makes the whole system form a closed loop. Reasonable design and correct connection of circulating pipes are very important for the solar energy system to achieve the best working state. Hot water pipes must be insulated. Pipelines must be of high quality and have a service life of more than 20 years. The environmental protection function of flat panel solar collector per square meter averages every normal sunshine day, which can produce heat equivalent to 2.5 degree of electricity. It can save about 200 kilograms of standard coal per year and reduce more than 700 kilograms of CO 2 emissions. The wide use of solar water heaters, including domestic hot water, heating and air conditioning, will greatly improve the pollution of the earth while saving money.  City, Happy Sky, Luxury,etc. They are suitable for areas with more sunshine and less clouds. At present, solar water heaters account for 11.2% of the total water heater market, and it is predicted that the penetration rate of solar water heaters in China will reach 30% by 2015. Nowadays, electricity is very tight everywhere and energy is very scarce. Using solar water heater can save a lot of energy and prevent pollution. From a personal point of view, the price of solar water heater is much cheaper than that of electric water heater. It saves more than two-thirds of electricity and gas consumption. Therefore, it is suggested that you choose solar water heater, which can save electricity and lower the cost in the long run.


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