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    Composition of raw material glass tube

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First of all, we need to move the dust-proof ring close to the water tank downward. We can coat some water before moving, so that it is easier to move the dust-proof ring downward. Then we can hold the vacuum tube with both hands clockwise and push it upward. When the tail of the vacuum tube is exposed (the metal bracket supporting the vacuum tube at the bottom of the vacuum tube), we should lift the lower part of the vacuum tube slightly upward from the top of the tail tube, and then grab the vacuum counterclockwise. Pipe pulls down.

Solar water heaters convert solar energy into heat energy and heat water from low temperature to high temperature to satisfy people's use of hot water in life and production.Solar water heaters are divided into vacuum tubular solar water heaters and flat-panel solar water heaters according to their structure.Vacuum tubular solar water heaters dominate the domestic market and occupy 95% of the market share.Vacuum tubular domestic solar water heaters are made up of vacuum tubular solar water heaters. The solar energy is converted into heat energy mainly depending on the collector tube. The collector tube uses the principle of floating hot water, cooling water and sinking underwater to produce microcirculation and achieve the required hot water.


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