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Shandong Taian Xinyuan Solar Energy Co., Ltd. is located in Dawenkou Solar Energy Industrial Park, Daiyue District, Taian City, Shandong Province. It mainly produces solar vacuum heat collector, balcony wall-mounted water heater, solar power generation, and other light energy products. Under the advanced concept of scientific and technological management, technological innovation and quality first, the supply of products exceeds the demand. The company has registered capital of 2 million and annual sales of 50 million.The principle of collecting heat in vacuum tube is to accumulate light energy by the sunlight rays (mainly visible and infrared) with the absorption wavelength of 0.3-1.3 um on the outer wall of the inner tube, so that the light energy can be converted into heat energy, and insulated by the vacuum interlayer, so as to reduce the heat loss.

From this point of view, the selective absorption coating is very important for the vacuum tube. The advantages and disadvantages of the vacuum tube are mainly reflected in the selective absorption coating. The higher the absorption ratio, the lower the emission ratio, the better the performance of the vacuum tube.

Selective Absorption Coatings: In the solar spectrum range, the surface with higher solar absorption ratio and lower emission ratio is the solar selective absorption coating, or surface, also known as film system, also known as black mirror or black film. The ideal absorption surface should be black, but black does not necessarily mean that the thermal performance of the absorption surface is the best. The actual absorption surface is usually blue or yellow in black. Purple.

Selective absorption: Selective absorption of visible and near-infrared parts of the solar spectrum with high energy.

Absorption ratio: refers to the amount of solar energy absorbed by selective absorbing coatings.

Emission Ratio: How much heat radiation does the selective absorbing coating emit when it fails to absorb?

Energy saving and consumption reduction of solar green science and technology products is a key national support project. Over the years, in line with the goal of quality first cooperation and win-win situation, it has been awarded honorary titles such as "keeping credibility and respecting quality" units and "high-quality products" continuously, and has won widespread praise in the industry. Make the enterprise develop and grow in a steady leading position.


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  • Dawenkou Solar Energy Industrial Park, Taian City, Shandong Province