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    Installation of Solar Vacuum Tube

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Installation of Solar Vacuum Tube

At the junction of solar vacuum tube and water tank, there is a rubber ring called silica rubber ring, which is used to seal, and it has high temperature resistance and other properties.

1. When installing, first look at the socket of the water tank collector tube (vacuum tube) - the vacuum tube hole, the stainless steel edge of the vacuum tube hole is smaller than the hole of the insulation layer.

2. Look at the edge with the silicone rubber ring. There is a groove in the middle of the silicone rubber ring. The groove has two sides, one side is thicker and the other side is thinner and smaller. The small side of the thin outer circle is placed in the vacuum pipe hole of the water tank when facing inward. The groove should be fully closed to the stainless steel hole seen at the vacuum pipe mouth of the water tank.

3. When installing, install side by side. Just like Ann's bicycle tire.

4. After installation, the silicone rubber ring should be the same as the silicone rubber ring held in your hand. It is only after installation of the silicone rubber ring.

5. Then, it is intubation. When intubation, first wet the windshield ring (usually black, etc. at the outer wall of the vacuum tube and water tank) with clean water and cover it with the upper opening of the vacuum tube.

Then use detergent water to wet the installed silicone rubber ring or water the solar energy to let the water flow out of the vacuum pipe hole.

At this time, one hand holds the tail tip of the vacuum tube, the other hand holds the tail tip of the vacuum tube 1/3. The force should be uniform and keep the direction of force consistent with the coaxial line of the pipe mouth. The vacuum tube can be inserted into the vacuum pipe hole of the water tank. At this time, a section of vacuum tube can be inserted, and then pulled out after the tail of the vacuum tube is aligned with the bracket, until the vacuum tube and the bracket are firmly secured, and then the windshield ring is close to the outside wall of the water tank.


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